Do I have to use the designated thinner?
Using lacquer thinner or other thinners to urethane paint can cause troubles such as a drying problem, chalking, pinholing and soft film.
Please use the designated thinner to avoid troubles.
Can I replace the hardener with other hardeners?
Each product has different solids content. Please use the designated hardener.
What is the difference between high-solids clearcoat and mid-solids clearcoat?
High-solids clearcoat has high solids content, good abrasion resistance and high build film.
Mid-solids clearcoat has relatively low solids content, better leveling and faster drying schedule.

High-solids clearcoat: TC-9300, TC-5800, TC-5300, HC-5310
Mid-solids clearcoat: MASTER CLEAR PLUS, TC-2200, TC-2110, TC-1500
When I don't have a certain toner, can I replace it with other toners?
Current formula is the optimised one in terms of price and color implementation. Thus a toner in the formula is not replaceable.
Even if other toners can replace the original ones, the whole formula needs to be adjusted. We do not recommend this.
Please use the designated toner.
There are many color variations. Which formula should I choose?
Some vehicles have severe color difference by applying parts and conditions in OEM coating.
Please refer to color chip and website information for manual color matching before car body panel application.
Do I have to use a color of the designated year?
Color tone could be different depending on spraying conditions.
The previous-year color could be a match. Please use the standard-year color as a reference.
When I don't have WATER Q thinner, can I use tap water for thinning WATER Q?
There are lots of minerals and Cl in tap water and they can cause adhesion problem or color difference(yellowing).
We recommend to use WR-10 thinner.
I wonder the standard spraying procedure for basecoat.
Below is our recommendation.

Pattern width: Full
Discharge rate of nozzle: Full
Number of application: 3-4 times
Air pressure: 1.8-2.0 Bar
Distance: 15-20 cm
How can I adjust the amount of binder(resin)?
The amount of binder(BC-1000, UU-1000, EU-1000) is different by colors but normally 60-75% of binder is used.
If you use excessive binder, hiding power could be weak.
On the other hand, if you use Hi-Color too much, it could result in weak adhesion and metallic marks.
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